Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ready to breakout...

Breakout of the house that is!I am beyond ready to get out of here. My eye is almost cleared up and I cannot wait to start back at work. In the meantime, we are in the midst of "snowmaggedon 2011".So me and the little one are cooped up in the house. My hubby had to go to work ,so he can't enjoy the bliss that is cabin fever!lucky him :) I did actually go outside though...and I even shoveled our HUGE driveway, well ok, I only shoveled half of it...but that's beside the least I got out of the house for an hour :) I have been online browsing all of the great attractions here in Northern Ohio. Not only are there great spots to teach the kids a little bit of history, there are picturesque places for me to snap a couple shots of the CUTEST kids on earth...hehe. So to all the people who have told me "Toledo is not my cup of tea"....yes somebody ACTUALLY said that...the rudeness! here is some proof that this area has been underestimated...
Toledo Museum of Art...and get this: FREE admission!

Wildwood Metropark: just one of many beautiful parks in this area

The Wolcott house: perfect piece of American History

 As soon as this snow is gone, I know where I am spending my free time!


  1. Rain, Sleet, Snow or fog you still write!!
    Green eyes or pink eyes you're still bright!
    I'm glad you do! Your stories make me smile!
    Reading today's I may want to visit awhile!?!?

  2. i ♥ my mom :)miss u..and yes this post was really an advertisement to promote visitors!