Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"P"s school valentines...

Little miss "P" has her valentines party this Friday!It's the first time we've been able to bring in Valentines to give to her friends! I have seen a lot of moms making these lollipop treats and they were just too adorable not to try!You can find more info on making them at family fun
I cut out the mustaches and lips from foam and poked the lollipop sticks through the foam

to add some personality, I made cards with my daughter's name and a cute saying

just staple the card to a little sandwich bag and your done!

 What kind of cool treats are you sending with your kids this year? I have seen so many cute ideas so far! xoxo-Melissa
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine yarn wreath

I finally made a valentine's day wreath :) yay! and it was soooo simple!I don't feel much like writing I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking....
Start with a straw wreath and just take a spool of yarn and start wrappping...
to make felt rosettes , just cut strips of felt and then wrap them into little round pieces...
glue the rosettes to the wreath and add buttons for a little pop of color...attach a ribbon to hold the wreath...and there you have it. A new heart wreath :)
hope you enjoyed this little post...I know I am really new to this whole "blogging" thing , but I'm really loving reading and learning from all of the blogs I visit :)

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine’s “mantle”

So we’ve been in our new home for less than a month. And while I should be unpacking my daughter's closet, I’m obsessing over d├ęcor. What woman doesn’t want to make her house a home, right? To justify my recent decorating extravaganza I’ve decided to trade 2 hours of working on the house for one hour of crafting/decorating/etc. Today’s fun project? A Valentine’s Day sideboard…because I have no fireplace, hence no mantle…
And of course I’m the thriftiest with my projects, so I can give you the low down on what I spent…which was next to nothing.

This topiary was my mom’s,then she gave it to my sis, who then gave it to me... lucky me! Added some sparkly hearts from the dollar tree and wrapped some ribbon around the tree.
The banner was a project from last week...heart banner tutorial 
I had the hurricane glass, clipped some branches from our yard, Glued  some ribbon to the dollar tree hearts and hung them on the branches.Already had the pink tulle and indoor lights!All I did was add some more felt hearts to the branches.
I had made the wreath before...
We had the photos framed already, I just added a lil vday swag to make 'em purdy :)
The most important trinket? This box, inside is the box that my engagement ring came in, the stocking my hubby hid the ring inside of before he proposed and some V-day coupons I made for him on our first valentine’s day together .I feel so blessed to have him in my life!
This project was not just tres chic…it was tres cheap! And it makes me feel all warm inside! Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine cupcakes ... with a secret ingredient...

The other day we got a lot of snow...and although I did get my butt to work shoveling our driveway, I just couldn't complete the task. Here's the part I love: a few hours later I see a snow blower....I had to take a second look...was someone really taking an extra hour of their time to clear our sidewalk and driveway?Yep. There are still good people in the world :) And we are lucky enough to live next  to one of those people!BTW ....I also live with one...when I went to thank my neighbor he informed me that my hubby had shoveled his sidewalks the last 2 times.what a shweethawt ♥...back to the story.Times like these call for a gift of gratitude.Me and my little pumpkin decided to bake some cupcakes for our neighbor! What better way to make a snowy day sweet!As some of you may baking talents are very limited, so when thee turned out delish I was shocked!Now, for the secret ingredient: I substituted apple sauce for vegetable oil because I read that it tastes great and is a low fat alternative...and it was true!I'm never using veggie oil for baking again!
the "naked "cupcakes

patiently waiting for the cupcakes to be ready

the artist hard at work...she went a little heavy on the sprinkles!

finished product!

They remind me of the valentine cookies I used to make with my great grandma!

enjoying her creations!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ready to breakout...

Breakout of the house that is!I am beyond ready to get out of here. My eye is almost cleared up and I cannot wait to start back at work. In the meantime, we are in the midst of "snowmaggedon 2011".So me and the little one are cooped up in the house. My hubby had to go to work ,so he can't enjoy the bliss that is cabin fever!lucky him :) I did actually go outside though...and I even shoveled our HUGE driveway, well ok, I only shoveled half of it...but that's beside the least I got out of the house for an hour :) I have been online browsing all of the great attractions here in Northern Ohio. Not only are there great spots to teach the kids a little bit of history, there are picturesque places for me to snap a couple shots of the CUTEST kids on earth...hehe. So to all the people who have told me "Toledo is not my cup of tea"....yes somebody ACTUALLY said that...the rudeness! here is some proof that this area has been underestimated...
Toledo Museum of Art...and get this: FREE admission!

Wildwood Metropark: just one of many beautiful parks in this area

The Wolcott house: perfect piece of American History

 As soon as this snow is gone, I know where I am spending my free time!