Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine’s “mantle”

So we’ve been in our new home for less than a month. And while I should be unpacking my daughter's closet, I’m obsessing over décor. What woman doesn’t want to make her house a home, right? To justify my recent decorating extravaganza I’ve decided to trade 2 hours of working on the house for one hour of crafting/decorating/etc. Today’s fun project? A Valentine’s Day sideboard…because I have no fireplace, hence no mantle…
And of course I’m the thriftiest with my projects, so I can give you the low down on what I spent…which was next to nothing.

This topiary was my mom’s,then she gave it to my sis, who then gave it to me... lucky me! Added some sparkly hearts from the dollar tree and wrapped some ribbon around the tree.
The banner was a project from last week...heart banner tutorial 
I had the hurricane glass, clipped some branches from our yard, Glued  some ribbon to the dollar tree hearts and hung them on the branches.Already had the pink tulle and indoor lights!All I did was add some more felt hearts to the branches.
I had made the wreath before...
We had the photos framed already, I just added a lil vday swag to make 'em purdy :)
The most important trinket? This box, inside is the box that my engagement ring came in, the stocking my hubby hid the ring inside of before he proposed and some V-day coupons I made for him on our first valentine’s day together .I feel so blessed to have him in my life!
This project was not just tres chic…it was tres cheap! And it makes me feel all warm inside! Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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