Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"P"s school valentines...

Little miss "P" has her valentines party this Friday!It's the first time we've been able to bring in Valentines to give to her friends! I have seen a lot of moms making these lollipop treats and they were just too adorable not to try!You can find more info on making them at family fun
I cut out the mustaches and lips from foam and poked the lollipop sticks through the foam

to add some personality, I made cards with my daughter's name and a cute saying

just staple the card to a little sandwich bag and your done!

 What kind of cool treats are you sending with your kids this year? I have seen so many cute ideas so far! xoxo-Melissa
for more wonderful ideas :


  1. Love this! All of your creative crafts I've loved so far. Thanks for sharing! Hope OHIO is treating you well :)

  2. OMGOODNESS!!! This is such a Wonderful Idea cousin!!! I love it! So cleaver... and I totally want to try this now... You are a Genous! <3 PS.
    I am still planning on an apron for little miss Paisley. :) Love you guys...

  3. YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Steph Islas

  4. Hey Cousin, just wanted to swing by today and say HI!! Miss your updates. :) Hope you're having a Wonderful week. Love and Hugs, your cousin.