Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I and jewelry edition

Why hello friends...It's been a few months since I've blogged.But little miss momma's new linky party was just what the Dr. ordered to get this girl out of hibernation!A lot has happened in our household in the last 3 months....Little man lost his two front teeth and learned how to ride a bike without training wheels...Little princess can now spell her first and last name (not the easiest task considering her unique first and last name) and is starting soccer this week!The hubby got a promotion! Whew...Now that you're caught up...time for I SPY!!!!
Wedding ring and my first Mother's day tennis bracelet with my girl's birthstone and mine
My daddy's dogtag AND my hubby's dogtag..I don't think there are any other men that can compare to these. I love them both.

what I've been waiting for my whole life, my first piece of jewelry made for me by my love bug!

My new BEAST of a ring..a birthday gift from my Grandma...LOVE it!!!

Latest Valentine's day gift from the so so sentimental

A necklace I made with the seashells me and my daughter picked up along the Atlantic Oceanfront in Virginia Beach

Absolutely Gorgeous necklace , made by my own mom! She makes all of her pieces from real coins from all over the world!

My hubby's Grandpa's high school State Football Champs Pendant..He was my hubby's hero and I think it's good luck :)

This pendant was from my Great Grandma, inside is gold reminds me of our Alaskan Heritage

Wedding day heels

Bought these boots in Tiblisi,Georgia while my dad was stationed at the U.S. Embassy there. These shoes are hard core.

Because everyone in Northern Ohio HAS to own a good pair of gloshes!

I used to wear heels like this everyday at my old job...
Now,I wear these!!!

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  1. the boots are awesome...seems like everyone has a pair of awesome boots...except me. :( but...i live in i'd only be able to wear them maybe a week when the weather is is the "freezing" 40's. hahahaha.

    cute blog...i'm your newest follower! come join me if u get a chance! :)

  2. Your jewelry show and stories made me cry a little! :) SO sweet. I love the piece you've been waiting for all your life. and your Dad and Husband's tags together {sniffle-sniffle}.
    Beautiful blessings.