Sunday, July 24, 2011

Playing " catch -up"

The past several months have been so busy and I've neglected my poor little blog. So, before I dive back in... let's play catch-up!
The Hubs and I celebrated four years of wedded bliss ♥
"J" lost his two front teeth!
Daddy taught "J" how to ride on two wheels

We spent Easter in Virginia Beach with all of the cousins!

"P' had a successful first season of soccer! And...our dog, Bindi, has been shedding...apparently her hair got on this picture!lol

"J" had an awesome season in Baseball!
"P" has been indulging in all summer activities!
"P" turned 4 and had a "pinkalicious" themed party

My parents and nephew came to town over Fourth of July weekend!

Now you're up to speed! This week, I will be back to blogging as usual :)



  1. I LOVE the cupcake shirt your daughter has on for her party. Where oh where did you get it?

  2. Welcome back to blog land! And happy happy anniversary! Hope it was amazing :)


  3. Thanks girls! and Jenna-I made the shirt.I might make a tutorial about it one day- it's kinda like the lazy/impatient girls alternative to applique...AKA using my trusty gluegun!haha :)