Monday, January 31, 2011

School ....and sunglasses

Have fun at school my little goofball!
Today was "P"s first day at her new preschool!She had been asking about school since we moved here and was very excited about today!Me and her daddy dropped her off and were greeted by her new teacher and new friends...all of the children seemed excited, not only to see her, but us too!After stepping foot in the classroom , I was quickly encircled by about 5 three yr-olds...They shared with me their ages, when they will turn 4, and one girl told me of her love of Tinkerbell.It was adorable and I was so happy to know that her school already seems to care about her.As for me, Today should have been my first day back to work...instead I spent my morning at urgent care.I don't have any huge issues...just pinkeye! yuck.gross.Of all the times in my 25 years,why now? So I will be staying in , nursing my eye...watching my hubby play video games...oh joy... And if I do venture out I will be hiding behind the biggest pair of sunglasses that I own

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine heart banner tutorial

Hello All :)
So we moved into our new home a few weeks ago and I have been w/o internet until this Friday..I have done so much since we moved and feel like I have a lot to catch everyone up on ...but for today...let's just have fun!I have been hard at work on my V-day mantle.Today I finished up my banner.I love it so much that I wanted to show everyone how to make their own!

 All you need is : a few squares of felt(I chose pinks, red and white)buttons,ribbon,felt stickers and a glue gun (ignore the yarn...I ended up using ribbon instead)
I cut out heart shapes and then cut out larger hearts with the white felt to make it look like an old school valentine, then I glued on random buttons and added some cute felt stickers that I found at Michael's

After I was done with the hearts I simply glued them onto the ribbon

I Love my finished product, it goes along really well with my other mantle decorations.I will post pictures of the mantle as soon as it's complete!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Looks like we made it...

Well it’s been just a little more than a week since we arrived in Ohio. In the past 7 days we have accomplished so much! Not only did we unpack, but we joined the local YMCA and already attended a “family night” there! And most important of all…I discovered the shopping staples in my life: Super Wal-mart, Target, Dollar Tree, T J Maxx, and Michaels…all located just 3 miles away! Ahhhhhh…needless to say, I am really starting to enjoy our new community! The kids seem to be acclimating as well as can be! And our family dog ( “Bindi”) has already made friends with the neighborhood dogs! I love our neighborhood, it’s super charming…although I must say that it is by far the quietest neighborhood I’ve ever lived in…but I guess you have to consider that it IS only 13 degrees out and coming from the overcrowded beach, anything is quiet! So…now, I guess we have to get back to real life…laundry, cooking and work will resume before we know it…but for now, I ‘m enjoying taking in this moment. I can’t wait for this year and everything we will encounter…new friends, new school for the little one, new church…so many “new” things! I already have a TON of projects for our new place and can’t wait to share all of them with you!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're Moving!!!!!

                                                       Living Room
                                                             Daughter's room

Hi ...I'm Melissa.Welcome to my new blog!Now,you can have the pleasure of knowing what really goes on in this head of mine,ha ha. As many of you know, my hubby and I decided to move back to his hometown to be closer to his little we are moving..AGAIN.Yes, to most people it sounds absolutely crazy that we would leave Virginia Beach (where the Atlantic Ocean is literally a walk away)but we are headed up North to Ohio...where it is currently freezing cold and I will probably die of cabin fever...which is why I am starting a blog:) So , two days 'til the big move and....this is my house....disheveled....chaotic...bliss :) boxes.boxes.boxes.Think I can get it done in the next two days? Seriously...Don't laugh! 

And since my blog is just getting started and you are probably super bored you can check out my cousin's blog.She just made a huge move too.California to Texas!take a look