Friday, January 28, 2011

Looks like we made it...

Well it’s been just a little more than a week since we arrived in Ohio. In the past 7 days we have accomplished so much! Not only did we unpack, but we joined the local YMCA and already attended a “family night” there! And most important of all…I discovered the shopping staples in my life: Super Wal-mart, Target, Dollar Tree, T J Maxx, and Michaels…all located just 3 miles away! Ahhhhhh…needless to say, I am really starting to enjoy our new community! The kids seem to be acclimating as well as can be! And our family dog ( “Bindi”) has already made friends with the neighborhood dogs! I love our neighborhood, it’s super charming…although I must say that it is by far the quietest neighborhood I’ve ever lived in…but I guess you have to consider that it IS only 13 degrees out and coming from the overcrowded beach, anything is quiet! So…now, I guess we have to get back to real life…laundry, cooking and work will resume before we know it…but for now, I ‘m enjoying taking in this moment. I can’t wait for this year and everything we will encounter…new friends, new school for the little one, new church…so many “new” things! I already have a TON of projects for our new place and can’t wait to share all of them with you!


  1. You have done so much! You've made a beautiful spot in this internet space! Love the wifey songs too. I love the word new in your blog. Tina Z

  2. Enjoyed reading your profile & I love that picture of you & Paisley! Sounds like you are settling in very nicely, but it sure makes it hard for us grandmas! We miss our little grandkids. :)