Monday, January 31, 2011

School ....and sunglasses

Have fun at school my little goofball!
Today was "P"s first day at her new preschool!She had been asking about school since we moved here and was very excited about today!Me and her daddy dropped her off and were greeted by her new teacher and new friends...all of the children seemed excited, not only to see her, but us too!After stepping foot in the classroom , I was quickly encircled by about 5 three yr-olds...They shared with me their ages, when they will turn 4, and one girl told me of her love of Tinkerbell.It was adorable and I was so happy to know that her school already seems to care about her.As for me, Today should have been my first day back to work...instead I spent my morning at urgent care.I don't have any huge issues...just pinkeye! yuck.gross.Of all the times in my 25 years,why now? So I will be staying in , nursing my eye...watching my hubby play video games...oh joy... And if I do venture out I will be hiding behind the biggest pair of sunglasses that I own


  1. oh wow...this brings back memories... I remember when I worked at preschool and you had started going to matter what you found a way to tell me Hi during the day...she is precious... god is good and I enjoy hearing about your family....Love ya Veronica Fenton( Ms Pena)

  2. Thanks Cousin for your Sweet comment!! I couldn't believe how that picture turned out. You know how it is to get a good shot. LOL... I also know our little 'Ice Storm' is nothing compared to Ohio!! Now that is where the Snow IS...LOL! Are you guys getting blasted over there too?

    How was your little princess's First day of School. She is tooo Precious, Fun and Sassy too all ready to start School. ) Enjoy your day..Love you!

  3. Awww "P" is such a cutie! Glad she's getting settled into a routine w/school. I hope your pink eye goes away asap! But for now maybe you could play video games w/JD and maybe even beat him in a few! Miss you guys! Hopefully we'll see you soon...Easter maybe?