Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're Moving!!!!!

                                                       Living Room
                                                             Daughter's room

Hi ...I'm Melissa.Welcome to my new blog!Now,you can have the pleasure of knowing what really goes on in this head of mine,ha ha. As many of you know, my hubby and I decided to move back to his hometown to be closer to his little we are moving..AGAIN.Yes, to most people it sounds absolutely crazy that we would leave Virginia Beach (where the Atlantic Ocean is literally a walk away)but we are headed up North to Ohio...where it is currently freezing cold and I will probably die of cabin fever...which is why I am starting a blog:) So , two days 'til the big move and....this is my house....disheveled....chaotic...bliss :) boxes.boxes.boxes.Think I can get it done in the next two days? Seriously...Don't laugh! 

And since my blog is just getting started and you are probably super bored you can check out my cousin's blog.She just made a huge move too.California to Texas!take a look

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