Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer at the Cottage!

Summer around here has been pretty action-packed...from our new trampoline to bike rides and an afternoon swim... but nothing beats the fun times we have at the family cottage in Michigan! And now that our "baby" is four, she can do a lot more! So, this momma has had to let her baby stretch her wings. I have loved watching my girl do things on her own even though at times it's hard for me to avoid the "BE CAREFUL!" and yelling at my hubby "IS THAT SAFE???"
FIRST... time docking the boat in the middle of the lake and jumping in with Papa and Daddy!I thought she'd be so scared, but NO way! She loved it!

I was sweating bullets "Don't let her slide out of that life jacket!!!!" The guys thought I was crazy, but what mom wouldn't be nervous?

My girl ♥

FIRST ...time swimming out to the platform and jumping in!


FIRST... time on the wave runner with Daddy!

Later, I was told she was saying "Faster Daddy, Faster!!!"

FIRST...time putting live bait on her fishing pole!

FIRST...catch!!!She reeled it in and everything!

FIRST...time touching her very own fish!

FIRST... summer that momma allowed her to play with sparklers!!!


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  1. Looks like so much fun! you have a beautiful family. I am a new follower of yours :)