Sunday, August 7, 2011 year later

Summer- Virginia Beach 2010
Summer-Maumee Bay 2011 Two Pictures...and at a glance they look the same...but to me they are worlds apart. We recently moved up North from the East Coast, where we lived just blocks away from the oceanfront.Our summer consisted of daily bike rides to the beach and jogging down the boardwalk.It was so much fun to enjoy the scenery...dolphin sighting, boogie boarding,kite flying, ice cream eating...But there was one thing missing.."J". "J" lives in Ohio, and although we visited about 4 times a year , we never got to enjoy the beach as a family. Our trips to the beach were always a blast..but we were missing a very important link.Fast forward to this weekend...We finally had the opportunity to hit the beach all FOUR of us ♥ The "beach" here isn't the crashing waves, fresh water- no salty ocean smell, the sand is crunchy-not soft on your toes....and yet, this trip was my favorite of ALL beach days so far!The kids had so much fun together!And my dreams as a mom and step mom were finally fulfilled.I look forward to many more days like this...

Last Summer..."P" had to lug her water all by her lonesome...

This year,"P" had some help making sand castles!

And nothing is better than having your big brother right by your side!

Just wanted to throw in a shot of my hunk of a hubby ;)

Splashing around

Diligently digging

They LOVE their Daddy!
Last summer...ready for the surf

This summer...playing with her two biggest idols- Big Brother and Daddy

Chowing down!

"J" working on his project

Soooo happy to be at the beach with this little guy!

Hmmmm... what are you doing Miss "P"???

Making the water a little warmer?lol
Last Summer, playing by herself just wasn't enough to wear her out...

But, this year....they were out in about 5 minutes flat!!!  


  1. Aww! One of the best posts yet! Truly shows the happiness! :-) So glad things are turning around! :-) Every little girl needs a big brother! <3

  2. Great post :)
    Thanks so much for the follow over on my blog! I love yours!