Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine cupcakes ... with a secret ingredient...

The other day we got a lot of snow...and although I did get my butt to work shoveling our driveway, I just couldn't complete the task. Here's the part I love: a few hours later I see a snow blower....I had to take a second look...was someone really taking an extra hour of their time to clear our sidewalk and driveway?Yep. There are still good people in the world :) And we are lucky enough to live next  to one of those people!BTW ....I also live with one...when I went to thank my neighbor he informed me that my hubby had shoveled his sidewalks the last 2 times.what a shweethawt ♥...back to the story.Times like these call for a gift of gratitude.Me and my little pumpkin decided to bake some cupcakes for our neighbor! What better way to make a snowy day sweet!As some of you may baking talents are very limited, so when thee turned out delish I was shocked!Now, for the secret ingredient: I substituted apple sauce for vegetable oil because I read that it tastes great and is a low fat alternative...and it was true!I'm never using veggie oil for baking again!
the "naked "cupcakes

patiently waiting for the cupcakes to be ready

the artist hard at work...she went a little heavy on the sprinkles!

finished product!

They remind me of the valentine cookies I used to make with my great grandma!

enjoying her creations!

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  1. Aww...
    Our Lovely Little Cupcake making cupcakes!!
    Love it!

  2. LOVE IT!!! I would be eating my delicious cupcakes too, if I were a talented little baker too. :) Hope you all have a lovely Weekend cousin. Love you!